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Remain a "Happy Camper"

Remain a "Happy Camper"

Summer, the time of year when opening the Trailer and setting up camp for another Season. If you are a seasoned camper or new to the Trailer life there are many things you can do to keep your Trailer and its valuables safe from theft and fire.

Eliminating temptation of the valuables in your trailer is your first step. If possible camp around other people or highly populated areas to reduce your risk, make sure your valuables are not visible (close blinds and ensure your unit is locked).

Some Campers invest in a safe to keep expensive cameras, jewellery etc., while they are away from their Camper. Safes are a good investment with little cost.

Motion Detector lights are also a very good investment especially if you are parking your Camper in your driveway or middle of nowhere. When Motion is detected the lights turn on and stays on for a predetermined time.

The next greatest safety concern is Fire. We all know that Bonfires and Smores are a major part of our Camping Adventures. The below tips are intended to make sure you remain “A Happy Camper”

-Every Travel Trailer/RV should always have an up to date Fire Extinguisher readily available, particularly in the Kitchen Area.

-It is also important to have a plan with your family to escape in the unfortunate event of fire in your unit.

-Another prevention is to not to plug too many things into one outlet, especially heaters and high draw appliances.

-Generally campers have limited counter space for preparing meals and we must be extra careful to ensure the stove area is always clear and burners turned off when not in use.

-Store combustible items like gasoline, camp fuel etc.,away from the Camper at all times if possible.

-Campfire have always been a traditional part of camping but have also caused many unnecessary fires. It is important to ensure your campfire is a good distance away from your unit.

These are just a few safety tips to have a Camping Season made of memories and keeping yourself, your family and your unit safe from the two greatest perils, Fire and Theft.

Many resources are available on the internet for Fire Prevention, one I have found particular useful has been the RV Techmag ( which offers great tips on Fire Suppression Systems, and Fire Extinguisher Types.

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Remain a "Happy Camper"

Remain a "Happy Camper"

Stay a "Happy Camper" this year.

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